Sovecon predicts that the sown area of wheat and corn in Ukraine will decrease in 2022

Foreign media news on March 17: sovecon, a consulting agency in Moscow, released a report that it is expected that the grain planting area in Ukraine will be reduced in 2022 because of the impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Sovecon estimates that the total sown area of wheat in Ukraine is 6.9 million hectares, a decrease of 200000 hectares over the previous year. Last autumn, farmers planted 6.7 million hectares of winter wheat. Farmers will plant spring wheat in April. Wheat yield per unit area will be far lower than the trend line level, only 3.8 tons / ha. Wheat production is expected to be 26 million tons, lower than the 28.3 million tons previously predicted and far lower than the 32.1 million tons last year.

Sovecon estimates that the sown area of corn is 4.6 million hectares, a decrease of 900000 hectares over the previous year, and the unit yield is also expected to be 6.1 tons / ha, a decrease of 1.5 tons over the previous year. The total output of corn will reach 27.7 million tons, far lower than 41.9 million tons last year.

The above prediction is based on the premise that most farmers can go to the fields for farming in April and that Russia and Ukraine will reach a ceasefire agreement in the coming weeks.

Source: Master Boyi

Post time: Mar-24-2022