Syngenta plans to exclusively distribute nitrogen fixing microbial product envita in Canada in 2023

Recently, Syngenta Canada announced that it has obtained the nitrogen fixation biological product envita from azotic technologies ® Exclusive distribution rights in Canada.

Envita is a liquid nitrogen fixing biological fertility enhancement product, which contains food grade microorganism – Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus strain. Envita forms symbiotic relationship with plants after furrow application or foliar spraying, and eventually grows with plants. Shortly after the application of envita, bacteria began to fix nitrogen from the air. This process occurred in the leaves and root cells of plants and continued throughout the season. This provides an additional nitrogen source for plants where and when nitrogen is most needed. It is a supplement to the nitrogen obtained from fertilizer products.

Envita has been registered for a variety of crops, including but not limited to corn, rape, Cereals, soybeans and potatoes.

Nathan KLAGES, biological products business manager of Syngenta Canada, said: “envita technology will help growers seeking high yield to optimize their standard fertility enhancement program by systematically providing nitrogen at the right time and at the right location throughout the season.”

Ray chyc, CEO of azotic technologies, said: “our agreement with Syngenta marks the next stage in the development of azotic and envita product lines. Syngenta’s strength in Canada, combined with envita’s leading nitrogen fixation capacity, will provide growers and retailers with the best biological fertility enhancement effect, expertise and support.”

“Envita is a powerful complement to Syngenta’s portfolio of biological products. Syngenta will provide envita during the 2023 planting season,” KLAGES said

Source: World agrochemical network

Post time: May-31-2022