Syngenta’s latest seed treatment product, victato ® (cyclobutrifluram) available

According to the Chinese website of world agrochemical network, Syngenta launched its latest seed treatment product, victato, at the world seed conference held in Barcelona in May 2022 ®, Based on its latest ingredient cyclobutrifluram. Syngenta has invested heavily in soil health, and its unique ability to design and screen product potential for nematode control has enabled them to develop products that address key crop issues, victrato ® The development of is another important step taken by the company in this field.

Basic information of products

Cyclobutrifluram is a new nicotinamide bactericide and nematicide developed by Syngenta. It has a wide control spectrum, high efficiency, low dosage and is easy to use. It can effectively control all kinds of nematodes and major fungal diseases. It is highly effective against root knot nematodes, cabbage cyst nematodes and maize short body nematodes on crops such as cucumber, tomato, corn and sugar beet. It can be used for soil treatment or seed treatment, Long term control of nematodes and diseases in major crops and various environments.

Chemical name: n- [2- (2,4-dichlorophenyl) cyclobutyl] -2- (trifluoromethyl) nicotinamide, which contains 80%-100% of (1s, 2S) – enantiomers and 0 ~ 20% of (1R, 2R) – enantiomers.

CAS login No.: 1460292-16-3

Molecular formula: c17h13ci2f3n2o

Patent information: wo2013143811a1 (patentee: Syngenta participations Ag); Patent of the same family: au2013242350b2; CA2866227A1; CN104203916B; CN106748814B; CO7091186A2; EA025551B1; EP2644595A1; EP2831046B1; ES2590504T3; JP2015514077A; JP6153597B2; UA113643C2; US9414589B2; ZA201406525B

Expected patent expiration date: March 6, 2033.

Excellent insect defense and bactericidal activity

Syngenta introduced tymirium based on cyclobutrifluram in may2020 ™ Technical brand, victrato ® Tymirium technology is adopted. This technology can effectively control all plant parasitic nematodes and major fungal diseases on major crops, including soybean, corn, grain, cotton and rice.

Nematode, a parasitic species, feeds on roots or plants and consumes their nutrients. It exists in almost all agricultural soils, attacks crops and facilitates further fungal infection. The destructive impact of nematodes causes a global annual yield loss of up to 12%, equivalent to a loss of US $150billion per year for farmers. Victrato will be the subject of destructive nematodes

Syngenta noted the urgent need in Australia to control grain crown rot disease. In Western Australia, the no till planting system has been popularized rapidly. It is estimated that the loss of production caused by Fusarium crown rot costs the industry about US $115million per year. Apply tymirium ™ The experiment on the treatment of grain crown rot by technology showed that victrato ® It can effectively control crown rot and provide management of root diseased nematodes in wheat and barley. This product will become another tool for the management of Fusarium crown rot.

In addition, victrato ® It can optimize the absorption of water and nutrients by plants, improve the ability of plants to withstand stress and yield, and bring greater return on investment to farmers. By protecting the root, victato ® It plays a key role in achieving no till and conservation tillage. Since it will not harm beneficial insects, pollinators and microbiota, victato ® It also helps to protect biodiversity. This favorable sustainability advantage provides farmers with the option to replace the old technology.

Global registration process

The product has been registered in El Salvador, a central American country, and is expected to be registered in Argentina in 2022. Syngenta plans to register this product on more crops worldwide in the next five years. In november2021, Syngenta submitted the registration application for several products of cyclobutrifluram used for sterilization and nematode killing in Brazil. On july31,2021, Syngenta submitted victrato ® Application for registration in Australia.

With the continuous progress of the global registration and listing process, Syngenta is expected to use this new product to raise the nematode control capability to a new level.

Source: World agrochemical network

Post time: Jun-10-2022