Syngenta’s pesticide containing methotrexate is approved for use in soybeans in the United States

Recently, Syngenta insecticide denim was registered in the United States and contains the active ingredient emamectin benzoate. Since then, soybean growers in the United States can use this effective tool with a unique mode of action to strengthen the management of pests that are difficult to control and seriously affect production. The newly registered denim is used for foliar spraying of soybean, which can effectively control destructive lepidopteran pests including soybean inchworm, alfalfa green night moth, soybean night moth and cotton bollworm.

Meade McDonald, head of pesticide products at Syngenta, said: “soybean pests can cause significant losses. In particular, soybean inchworm can eat all soybean leaves and pods, resulting in loss of production. Denim and besiege, another industry-leading soybean pesticide brand ® Together, it will become an ideal solution for resistance management projects. Repeated tests conducted in several regions in the South found that denim usually outperformed other non diamide products due to its unique mode of action. ”

After application, denim penetrates into the leaf tissue fed by insects to form an active ingredient repository, so it has longer residual activity. The rapid control effect of the product disrupts the nerve signal transmission of destructive pests that feed on leaves and pods, so that the pests stop eating within a few hours after ingestion, so as to protect soybean plants and maximize yield potential.

Denim’s crop management program is suitable for growers and has good barrel mixing compatibility with many other plant protection products, including miravis top and quadris top ® Sbx and other high-performance soybean fungicides, which is more convenient.

“Growers have been looking for ways to optimize their net profit and want more effective and powerful products to control destructive pests. Denim is the tool they want,” McDonald said

Source: World agrochemical network

Post time: May-19-2022