The Brazilian government will implement a plan to increase wheat production

Brazil’s “economic value” reported on March 29 that the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture approved the plan of serrado to expand wheat production proposed by the Agricultural Research Institute (EMBRAPA). The total amount of the project is 2.9 million reais (about 4.7 reais per US dollar), which will be implemented within 36 months.

The main contents of the plan include: increasing the wheat planting area by 40% by 2025, from 252000 hectares in 2021 to 353000 hectares; Training 70 technicians; 176000 tons of seeds were produced during the period; In addition to the forum and research meetings, it also included 22 field work days, 36 demonstration units, 22 display crops and 143 technical visits.

Wheat and chemical fertilizer are the main imported products in Brazil’s agricultural field, with an annual import volume of about 10 billion reais. In 2021, Brazil produced 7.7 million tons of wheat and imported 6.2 million tons.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Brazil

Post time: Apr-11-2022