The emergence of plant seafood in the United States

According to seafoodmedia on August 25, plant-based seafood appeared on the menu of Long John Silver restaurant, which is the first large seafood chain in the United States to sell plant-based seafood.

The operator with more than 700 restaurants cooperates with good catch, an American food technology company, to try to sell bread crumb “fish fillet” and bread crumb “crab cake” products in restaurants in California and Georgia. In fact, these products are composed of peas, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans and a mixture of a variety of bean seasonings.

According to whole foods markets, nearly half of American consumers are looking for plant products, and fish substitutes are also included in the trend forecast list.

According to the recent research of, the global plant seafood industry will grow at an annual growth rate of 28% within 10 years, with a value of US $1.3 billion. Concerns about the environment, the consumption of fish resources and health problems related to meat consumption are the main accelerating factors for the sales growth of seafood products.

According to a study by foodminds, these imitation seafood confuse consumers. 40% of respondents believe that they contain real seafood ingredients, and nearly 60% believe that these products have similar nutritional benefits to real fish.

The seafood industry is pushing for a federal labeling revision to ensure that consumers know what they eat. The new labeling law will take effect in January next year, but it does not apply to restaurants or catering suppliers.

Source: China International Fisheries Expo

Post time: Sep-06-2021