The expert group went to Uganda’s Luweero China-Uganda Agricultural Cooperation Industrial Park to test the yield of new rice varieties

From January 7 to 9, modern harvesters shuttled back and forth in the golden rice fields at the China-Uganda Agricultural Cooperation Industrial Park in Luweero, harvesting, threshing, grass crushing and granulating …… The roar of machinery in the fields played a harvest song. The harvester is harvesting the latest validated WDR-73 water and drought resistant hybrid rice variety screened by the SSC II project in Uganda. Experts were busy recording field data and measuring the yield of the newly introduced new water and drought resistant rice variety WDR57.

The experts said: planting density is sparse, basic seedlings are not enough, the amount of fertilizer is not enough, filling and fruiting caused by drought on the yield, in future production should be standardized cultivation, reasonable dense planting, to ensure that the basic seedlings, to Improve the effective spike. In the future, we should standardize cultivation, plant reasonably densely, ensure the basic seedlings and improve the effective spike.

Source: Economic and Commercial Section, Embassy of the Republic of Uganda

Post time: Feb-06-2023