The French Ministry of agriculture raised the forecast value of sugar beet production in 2021

Foreign media news on October 12: the French Ministry of Agriculture released a report on Tuesday, raising the forecast value of French sugar beet production in 2021, because the summer rainfall helps the unit yield higher than previously expected.

The forecast value of sugar beet production in France in 2021 was raised to 34 million tons, higher than the earlier forecast of 33.1 million tons, 29.6% higher than the low output of the previous year, but still 8.3% lower than the five-year average. Last year’s bad weather and pests led to a reduction in beet production in France.

The French Ministry of Agriculture says summer rainfall is good for sugar beet crops. If the weather continues to be favorable, the output will be significantly higher than that of the previous year.

Source: Master Boyi

Post time: Oct-18-2021