The yield of spring wheat in the United States decreased by 40% due to rare severe drought

Foreign media reported that the dry weather led to the withering of crops in the Canadian prairie and the northern Great Plains of the United States, which accounted for more than half of the total global supply. The U.S. Department of agriculture expects the U.S. spring wheat harvest to fall 41% from a year ago, the lowest yield in 33 years.

According to Reuters news on the 5th, farmers in the United States and Canada estimate that the drought that is difficult to encounter in decades will lead to a sharp decline in spring wheat harvest. Severe weather conditions have caused serious damage to crops, from the extreme heat in Cherry producing areas along the Pacific coast in the northwest of the United States to the frost in sugarcane producing areas in Brazil. Although overall, the global wheat inventory level is high, drought mainly affects the yield of spring wheat with high protein content. Bruce Burnett, director of market and weather information at markets farm, said that Canada’s spring wheat production is expected to be between 16 million and 20 million tons, far lower than last year’s 25.8 million tons. The U.S. Department of agriculture also said that the U.S. spring wheat harvest is expected to fall 41% from a year ago, the lowest yield in 33 years.

The report said that crop processing enterprises and baking enterprises should rely on spring wheat to produce baking products that satisfy consumers. Therefore, importers must raise their bids to obtain limited supply of spring wheat in North America, or they will have to turn to suppliers in other countries such as Australia or Russia. Some international trading companies said that wheat importing countries may buy more wheat from other suppliers such as Australia to make high-quality bread and baked goods.

Source: People’s Daily overseas network

Post time: Aug-11-2021