Tomato Summer Seedling Cultivation Technique

Tomato Seedling Care in Summer: There are four things to be cautious about during the seedling stage in summer: 1. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight. 2. Prevent excessive rain. 3. Be wary of high temperatures. 4. Avoid excessive growth.

To cultivate strong seedlings, take the following measures:

  1. Choose a dry and well-ventilated garden area for the seedbed, and set up a shade structure. The seedbed should be about 1 meter wide, and a layer of plastic film should be placed on top of the shading structure to prevent rainwater from entering. Use a shade net on the film that allows light to pass through while providing shade. In case of rain, cover the shading structure with a thin film to prevent young seedlings from getting soaked in hot rain. On sunny and hot days, use curtains to shade the seedlings to prevent them from being exposed to harsh sunlight.
  2. Keep the seedling age short, typically around 30-35 days. Raise the seedlings all at once without dividing them to avoid root damage and disease.
  3. Late-season greenhouse cultivation of autumn tomatoes coincides with the hot and rainy summer season, making them susceptible to various diseases. To prevent this, spray 1-2 times with a 500-fold diluted solution of bactericide or fungicide during the seedling stage.
  4. Control watering in the later stages and prevent the seedlings from being excessively watered by rain, which can cause them to grow too tall.
  5. To prevent excessive growth of the seedlings, spray the leaves with a 0.1%-0.15% solution of plant growth regulator twice, making the seedlings sturdy and robust.

These measures are intended to help in the successful cultivation of tomato seedlings during the summer season.

Post time: Oct-16-2023