U.S. farm distributor CHS and Cargill expand grain export partnership to open up new opportunities for U.S. farmers

World Agribusiness News reports: Leading U.S. agribusiness distributor CHS and international grain merchant Cargill recently announced their desire to expand their joint venture, TEMCO, by adding Cargill’s Houston Grain Export Terminal in Texas, USA. The Houston terminal will expand the joint venture’s export capacity by providing transportation access for grains, oilseeds and by-products through the Port of Houston.

TEMCO, a 50/50 joint venture between CHS and Cargill, currently employs more than 50 people and includes three export terminals for the storage and handling of export grains. The main bulk products handled are: corn, soybeans and wheat. Leveraging the strengths of TEMCO’s parent company, including grower grain resources, rail and ocean logistics, freight forwarding and other ancillary functions, TEMCO is well positioned to serve not only its U.S. grain producer customers, but also its overseas customers.

TEMCO currently operates three facilities in the Pacific Northwest: in Portland, Oregon; Kalama, Washington; and Tacoma. These three distribute grain to global markets, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. Through TEMCO, the two companies look forward to building on 24 years of successful collaboration to expand access to the global grain market for U.S. farmers to meet the growing global demand for grain.

″We are pleased to continue to build on our relationship with Cargill to expand TEMCO’s reach,″ said John Griffith, CHS executive vice president of agricultural operations. ″To meet the goal of building connections to enhance agricultural business, Houston Terminal will provide additional options for regional cooperatives and farmers to participate in global markets, which will help advance CHS’ growth strategy in the region and opening up new opportunities. ″

The Houston Terminal is located approximately 40 miles inland on the Gulf of Mexico, via Galveston Bay. The facility has 6 million bushels of storage space and 350 train capacity, and the terminal handles up to 250 million bushels of cargo annually. The terminal receives trucks and trains, as well as a variety of commodities for global export.

By integrating the Houston terminal and leveraging the current successful TEMCO operating model, Cargill hopes to expand the joint venture’s operations, provide additional market access for its farmer customers and better serve its global customers. The expansion will also enhance efficiencies and create opportunities for TEMCO and its employees.

Source: World Agrochemical Network

Post time: Feb-03-2023