Uruguay’s soybean has entered the harvest period, and the output is expected to reach more than 3 million tons

According to Ukrainian “Observer” reported on April 22, after mid April, Ukrainian soybean planting began to harvest. It is expected that the average unit yield will exceed 3000 kg per hectare, and the output will reach 3.1-3.2 million tons, bringing us $2 billion in income to Ukrainian. Soybean prices in the local market were strong this week, higher than US $640 per ton. The International Grain Council (IGC) predicts that global corn production will decline by 13 million tons to 1.197 billion tons in 2022 / 2023. In addition, global soybean production will increase to 383 million tons, compared with 349 million tons this year.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay

Post time: Apr-28-2022