Vietnam and the United States strengthen cooperation in the field of Agriculture

On September 22, Vice Minister of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam, Li Guoguo, and Ryan Legrand, President and CEO of the US Grain Council (USGC), jointly witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation between the Vietnamese Ministry of agriculture and rural development and USGC, as well as Vietnam Kaiying Pingshun Co., Ltd. and USGC in Washington, D.C.

At the signing ceremony, Li Guoguo, Vice Minister of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam, said that Vietnam has the fastest growth of animal feed, ranking first in the world and is also a major importer of corn and grain. In less than a decade, Vietnam’s corn import has risen from 16th to 3rd in the world. At the same time, Vietnam is also a potential customer of ethanol fuel. It is expected to implement the widely used E5 gasoline mixture ratio nationwide and turn to E10 in the near future.

Ruan duyingjun, director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, said that Vietnam and the United States have great cooperation potential and trade space. In particular, the agricultural products of the two countries are highly complementary and not competitive and alternative. The two countries can promote scientific and technological cooperation and technology transfer between scientific research institutions and enterprises, and strive to promote green, sustainable and low emission agricultural development.

Ryan Legrand, President of USGC, said that the United States and Vietnam have formulated a plan aimed at achieving a harmonious and sustainable trade balance, including many specific measures in the field of agriculture. According to Legrand, ethanol fuel will help to achieve a trade balance between the two sides, because Vietnam is a potential customer of the United States.

According to the memorandum of understanding, the Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam and USGC will establish technical cooperation in feed, biofuel production and use in Vietnam, and enhance mutual understanding of relevant policies and regulations in accordance with Vietnam’s laws, regulations, policies and development objectives.

In addition, USCG will help Vietnam improve its ability in management personnel, importers and feed processing enterprises to acquire new technologies, new trade and new skills in organizing production management. USCG will also provide new crown test kits and new crown therapeutic drugs for Vietnamese animal husbandry enterprises.

Source: Vietnam people’s daily

Post time: Sep-28-2021