Vietnam protects and develops specialty tea planting areas in Xinjiang

Taiyuan City, Taiyuan Province, Vietnam is famous for its specialty tea planting area in Xinjiang, which has obtained the certificate of geographical indication.

At present, the local government actively cooperates with the people to stimulate the existing potential and advantages to promote the protection and development of specialty tea planting areas in Xinjiang, so as to contribute to affirming the specialty tree species, key products and advantageous position of Taiyuan.

Xinjiang specialty tea planting area is composed of six townships in Taiyuan City, and has obtained the certificate of geographical indication of Xinjiang tea issued by the State Intellectual Property Office under the Ministry of science and technology of Vietnam. At present, Xinjiang’s specialty tea planting area covers an area of more than 1400 hectares, with an average output of 150 metric tons per hectare and 20300 tons of fresh bud tea.

Compared with other tea growing areas in the whole province and the whole country, the tea products in Xinjiang specialty tea growing areas have higher economic benefits and competitiveness. In Xinjiang’s specialty tea planting area, the production rate of tea according to Vietnam’s good agricultural practice (vietgap) is still low, its processing and mechanization rate is not high, and the types of products are not rich. Domestic and foreign enterprises have not yet attracted high-tech investment in tea production, processing and export.

Wu Mingqi, director of Taiyuan Economic Department, said that in the project of “protecting and developing Xinjiang specialty tea planting areas in 2021-2025″, retaining Xinjiang specialty tea planting areas, protecting and expanding tea planting areas, and focusing on the productivity, quality, output value and efficiency of Xinjiang specialty tea products are the key objectives of Taiyuan agriculture.

Therefore, Taiyuan province strives to expand the tea planting area to 1700 hectares by 2025, the output of fresh bud tea per hectare will reach 155 ounces, and the income value of tea planting per hectare will exceed 1 billion Vietnamese Dong. In particular, Taiyuan is committed to protecting and developing middle reaches tea seedlings and establishing a first-class middle reaches tea seedling base to replace or newly plant at least 300 hectares of middle reaches tea trees. The tea planting area in the middle reaches of the city will account for more than 30% of the total tea planting area in 2025.

In addition, the Agricultural Department of Taiyuan also actively publicized and guided farmers to plant tea trees in the direction of safety and organic and in accordance with Vietnam’s good agricultural practices (vietgap). At the same time, all tea products produced by enterprises and cooperatives in accordance with safety standards strive to have the seal of planting area code, packaging unit code and certificate of origin. In 2025, there are 70 kinds of tea products that have obtained the standard certification of “one Township, one product” (ocop).

According to the person in charge of Taiyuan’s economic department, in order to effectively achieve the goal of protecting and developing Xinjiang’s specialty tea planting areas, Taiyuan has also adopted many solutions to support tea enterprises, cooperatives and farmers, such as price subsidies for new and replacement plants; Free of handling fees for the first certification of good agricultural practices and organic standards in Vietnam; Provide organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, biological pesticide, advanced irrigation technology, and 40% subsidy for the cost of water-saving irrigation of tea; Provide 50% subsidy to support the price of tea processing, packaging and preservation machinery and equipment.

In addition, the relevant departments of Taiyuan province and Taiyuan city also actively support tea farmers, enterprises and cooperatives to build brands, promote products, develop consumer markets, guide tea production safety processes, and improve productivity and quality.

Source: Vietnam people’s daily

Post time: Apr-12-2022