Vietnam’s agriculture value added grows 3.36% in 2022

Speaking at a recent meeting on the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s 2022 work results and 2023 core task plan deployment, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tan said that all major indicators of the agricultural industry in 2022 have completed or exceeded the plan handed over by the government. In particular, the value added of agriculture reached 3.36%, a new high level for many years.

Among them, agriculture (livestock and plantation) grew by 2.88%, aquaculture by 4.43%, forestry by 6.13% and forest coverage by more than 42.02%. The proportion of new rural township construction standards is above 73%. Exports of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products reached US$53.22 billion, up 9.3% compared to 2021, a new record; trade surplus was above US$8.5 billion.

Director of the Department of Planning Nguyen Van Viet said that the agro-industrial structure continues to be rationalized, more effective and integrated with the market, raising the proportion of agricultural, forestry and aquatic industries and products with competitive advantages and high value, ensuring quality and food safety.

In 2022, cereal production will reach 47.1 million tons. Of this, rice production reaches 42.7 million tons, meeting domestic demand for consumption, processing and feed, and exports nearly 7.2 million tons.

Production of various meats is about 7.05 million tons, with beef, pork, poultry, eggs and milk all increasing by 3.5% to 10.2%. Fish production was 9.03 million tons, an increase of 2.7% compared to 2021.

Forms of production organization continue to be reformed and innovated, with an increase in quantity and quality and a gradual improvement in operational effectiveness. 980 new agricultural cooperatives were established in 2022, raising the number of agricultural cooperatives to nearly 21,000 and high-tech cooperatives to 1,980, among others.

The agricultural industry has proposed targets such as value-added growth of 3% in 2023; total exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery products of $54 billion, 78% of new rural communes, 270 district units meeting standards or completing new rural construction tasks.

Source: Vietnam People’s Daily Online

Post time: Jan-13-2023