What is the temperature to control at night when growing broccoli for flowering?

We need to clarify the flowering period and growth characteristics of broccoli. The flowering period of broccoli is usually in autumn, and its growth will be slow or even stagnant when the night temperature is lower than 20 degrees during the growing process. Therefore, in order to be able to bloom successfully during the flowering period, the control of night temperature is particularly critical.

Night temperature control needs to be adjusted according to different growth stages. In the early stage of growth, as broccoli has not yet entered the flowering stage, the night temperature can be appropriately lower, about 12 to 15 degrees can be. But when broccoli enters the flowering stage, the night temperature needs to be raised to between 18 and 20 degrees to ensure its normal growth and flowering.

How to control the night temperature is also a matter of concern. Generally speaking, night temperatures can be controlled through reasonable ventilation and insulation measures. If the temperature is too low, you need to strengthen the heat preservation measures, such as covering the flower bed with thick insulation material to reduce the loss of temperature. And if the temperature is too high, windows need to be opened and ventilated in time to reduce the temperature.

Post time: Feb-19-2024