What reproductive methods can be used for strawberry cultivation to expand the scale?

The reproduction of strawberries has many methods, with the most common being through runners. This method is very simple; it involves cutting off the branches of the mother plant and transplanting them to a new location, where they can grow successfully. Compared to other reproduction methods, runner propagation is not only simple and feasible but also has a relatively high survival rate, making it suitable for large-scale cultivation.

Strawberries can also be propagated through the method of cutting. This process involves selecting well-growing branches, cutting them into 3-4 sections, and then inserting them into the soil, allowing them to root. Compared to runner propagation, the survival rate of cutting propagation is lower, but it helps prevent the spread of diseases and pests, making it suitable for areas prone to diseases.

Additionally, strawberries can be propagated through seed reproduction. This method requires selecting high-quality strawberry seeds and planting them in fertile soil, waiting for them to germinate. Compared to other reproduction methods, seed reproduction has lower costs but takes a longer time to see results, making it suitable for small-scale cultivation.

Post time: Dec-04-2023