Yunnan Dayao County: blueberries staggered market products in short supply

Now it is the spring season, nearly 100 acres of blueberries in Longjie Town, Dayao County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, have entered the harvesting period one after another, workers are busy harvesting, tourists are happy to pick, a vibrant scene.

To ensure the quality of each blueberry, under the guidance of the management staff, the picking workers put on their fingers and are carefully selecting one by one.

Longjie Town, Dajao County, has sufficient sunshine, and the unique climate and soil conditions are very suitable for blueberry growth. Last year, Dajao County, the introduction of foreign investors in the town of Long Street construction of high-standard blueberry planting demonstration garden, through the adoption of soil-less substrate cultivation, the introduction of foreign water and fertilizer micro-sprinkler irrigation and automated membrane shed body and other advanced technology to plant blueberries, from the new varieties of blueberry cultivation to seedling breeding, cultivation all modernized, to achieve the year planted in the fruit.

February to April every year is Dajao County Long Street town blueberry fruit, due to staggered listing, coupled with the blueberry fruit diameter, high sweetness, good taste, fast delivery, to ensure that the blueberry fresh, the product sells well in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, praise constantly, demand exceeds supply. Since the beginning of February began to market, the daily orders are more than 20, according to the market price of not less than one hundred yuan per kilogram calculation, blueberry plantation this year can achieve an output value of more than 4 million yuan.

Dajao County through the exploration of “investment projects + village collective economy” “company + base + farmers” and other development models, and constantly adjust and optimize the structure of agricultural industry, the introduction of eight leading agricultural enterprises in Longjie Town, the establishment of six modern agricultural cooperatives, vigorously promote Soft seed pomegranate, fresh vegetables, blueberries and other high value-added industry development, the integration of rural tourism picking tourism, the transfer of 3,970 acres of land, driving more than 800 households to achieve near employment, to achieve more than 10.2 million yuan of income from labor, the rapid rise of modern agricultural industry demonstration park, effectively drive farmers to increase income.


Post time: Mar-20-2023