Yunnan fragrant glutinous corn is popular in European and American markets

On January 22 this year, 100.52 kg of small waxy corn was sent to Frankfurt, Germany to “explore the way”. As a result, as soon as the product arrived in Germany, it had not entered the supermarket, but was “carved up” by several Chinese supermarket owners and managers, and received unanimous praise and orders.

According to his introduction, after obtaining the order, under the guidance of the customs, the soil of the base, the ecological planting specifications and the harvest and processing of products were strictly in accordance with the food standards of the European Union market, and it took half a year to prepare for the formal realization of the first export of Xishuangbanna small waxy corn to the German market in a strict sense.

One belt, one road, is deepening and China’s opening up to the outside world is becoming more and more prominent as China’s opening to the outside world, economic globalization deepens and the construction of “one belt and one road” continues to deepen.

“Through the whole chain tracking and assistance, we have strengthened the quality control of export food, guided the export food production enterprises to put on record, and carried out in-depth inspection of origin declaration in enterprises, greatly shortened the time limit for issuing certificates, so as to promote the enterprises’ products to go abroad as soon as possible.” Xishuangbanna customs comprehensive business section deputy chief said. According to its introduction, on June 23, the 2 tons of small waxy corn planted and processed by an enterprise in Xishuangbanna was also successfully exported to the Canadian market in North America.
Source: China Agricultural Information Network

Post time: Jul-16-2021